Tom Nizetich

Tom Nizetich



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Often referred to as a “Renaissance Professional,” Tom Nizetich has  literally built his entire career on just that definition. A highly  creative, ethical, and multi-skilled manager, Tom approaches each and  every business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation,  creative problem solving, and cost-conscious management to consistently  drive bottom-line improvements and while increasing customer satisfaction. As the youngest of four  children, and only boy, Tom grew up in a home where organization, style,  discipline and hospitality were equally emphasized. His father, a  government affairs attorney and lobbyist for a global corporation,  traveled the world, sometimes with the entire family in tow. His mother,  an interior designer and preeminent hostess, often entertained at their  homes in Washington D.C. and Palos Verdes, CA, eventually opening one  of the South Bay’s most appreciated fine-dining restaurants. After  attending USC, Tom became general manager of this $2M operation,  continually refining operations, developing winning marketing  strategies, and keeping customer satisfaction as his priority. After the  family sold the restaurant much to the public’s dismay, Tom applied his  hard earned skills consulting for a number of independent and  multi-unit restaurant companies. He also was instrumental in assisting  his father Anthony establish a well known public affairs and legislative  advocacy consultancy group.

Recognized as a natural leader and intuitive problem solver, in 1997  Tom’s career leaped forward when he formed Nizco Hospitality, a  management firm based in the South Bay. His first client was a large  Japanese global trading organization which needed guidance in running  two Los Angeles & Orange County based casual dining restaurant  chains it had purchased years before and were in trouble. Tom built a  management team from the ground up—hiring operations, accounting, and  support staff—in only 90 days and quickly made an impact. As hands-on  managing director of both chains (600+ employees, $20M revenue), he  initiated a cost-cutting and unit growth strategy that quickly improved  the bottom line while increasing per unit income, customer satisfaction, and food and service quality. Sought  out as an advisor by other hospitality operations, his lightning fast  and intuitive analysis of a client’s management, marketing, and brand  identity strategy, earned him a reputation for being the “go to”  professional for a number of different industries.

 In 1998 as the Asian financial crisis hit its peak, his  turnaround efforts were interrupted by having to liquidate both chains  for their Japanese parent. At this time, he purchased one of the chains.  When financial challenges and the national economic climate prevented  him from continuing his strategy of closing underperforming units as  well as opening other more focused locations, he sold the company. Tom  then turned his attention to commercial property management and  development. For several years he assisted many single asset LLCs in the  acquisition, management, leasing, and divestiture of a $15M portfolio  of properties located throughout the LA Harbor area. It was during this  time that he further honed his diplomacy and negotiation skills,  developed an intuitive sense of the real estate market, and worked  closely day to day with architects, designers, and mechanical trades.  For many years he utilized this diverse skill set by directing  operations, facilities and construction at his alma mater USC. In this  role he has streamlined operations, increased efficiencies, and  successfully spearheaded numerous major construction projects. A highly  respected member of the USC family, he is proud of his numerous  accomplishments in cutting costs, streamlining schedules, and improving  end-results. If you want it done right, on time, and under-budget, while  building both value AND the bottom line, he’s the one. Today Tom lives  in Rancho Palos Verdes with his wife Jana (a popular fitness instructor  and Esthetician) and their two teenage sons. A lifelong resident of the  South Bay, Tom is always seeking challenging and rewarding opportunities  that will allow him to utilize the many valuable skills he has  developed in his exciting and diverse career. His charming and  personable nature, innate design sense, sincere appreciation for travel,  fine décor, food, art, literature and music, and prolific “customer  centric” managerial and business experience combine to earn him a well  deserved reputation as a true “Renaissance Professional”