Gordon Firemark

Gordon Firemark

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Gordon Firemark began his career in theatre at the age of 13, first  as a stage technician, then as a sound designer, and eventually, as a  theatrical attorney. His Los Angeles based practice is devoted to the  representation of clients in the fields of theater, film, television,  and new media and also covers intellectual property, cyberspace, new and  business/corporate transactions.

Mr. Firemark earned his B.A. in Radio, Television and Film at the  University of Oregon, and holds a law degree from Southwestern  University School of Law, where he now teaches Theatre Law as part of  the Biederman Entertainment Institute’s LLM program. He is a frequent  guest lecturer at arts organizations and other law schools around the  U.S.

In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Firemark is himself an  accomplished stage producer and founder of Theatre Producer Academy, an  online training program for aspiring producers. He writes an  entertainment law blog at http://firemark.com, and is producer and host  of the Entertainment Law Update podcast.

He lives outside Los Angeles with his wife with whom he co-produced 3  beautiful children whom he hopes will stay out of show business.